About Kev Rodgers

23 -year-old Darrien “Kev Rodgers” Scott is a rapper/producer residing in Collingswood, New Jersey. Rodgers first began producing at the age of 14, and since has made a strong effort to balance rapping with his skills behind the boards. Often focusing on his peers’ music, Rodgers realized it was time to make his own music a priority. “I always felt second place and never got the opportunity to be in the forefront. Doubt plays a big part in whether you make the next step or it consumes you enough to make you complacent.” With production credits including Mir Fontane, Ish Williams, Shaqeyah, Kenif Muse, Voss, and more, Kev Rodgers has complimented his signature sound with his tag, “Darnell, Turn That Beat Down.”