About Shaqeyah

Shaqeyah is a singer songwriter from South Jersey. Knowing that she was a star at a young age; she fell in love with music, the spotlight and the art of performing. After four years of finding herself, she decided it was time to invest all into her dreams. Not long after Shaqeyah begin writing and recording. Shaqeyah released her debut single “Confident”, which reached platforms such as, The Source, Saint Heron, and many more. Shaqeyah declared that she will no longer dim her light to make others feel comfortable. The record serves as a reminder to believe in herself. In April of 2017 Shaqeyah released another fiery woman’s anthem titled “Make Some Room” as a play onto her sassy debut record “confident”. Determined to leave her mark it’s a guarantee soon Shaqeyah will be extremely hard to miss.

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